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Raya is Action-Packed, Family Fun

March 5th, 2021Raya is Action-Packed, Family Fun

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While Raya and the Last Dragon has all the fun that we have come to expect from Disney, this movie is a unique in all the best ways! Action fans should not stay away from this soon to be animated classic and little girls and boys everywhere will soon have a new hero to look up to!

We were able to sit down with Raya herself Kelly Marie Tran, to talk about her opportunity to create a unique female character that is not just a great warrior, but the Guardian of the Dragon Gem.

“I feel like Raya is such a different character, and something special that Disney is trying to do with this movie. They are really broadening the narrative when it comes to what instinctively comes to a person when they hear the word Princess, or they hear the word hero or how they think of a warrior. Raya is a very different character. She is all those things, but she doesn’t look the way we’ve seen princesses look. She doesn’t act the same way, she’s witty and smart and sarcastic and sometimes she’s sad and vulnerable. Other times she’s just very openly angry. I’ve never seen a movie in this specific genre get to be viscerally angry. I love all of those things about her.”

It’s not just Raya that gets to have all the fun in this epic tale, Disney has developed a whole crew of amazing characters to help Raya along her journey.

“Along the way she sort of picks up this rag tag team, I think Tong refers to it as a Fellowship of buttkickery, and I just love that so much! Every single character is so specific, and they all have a really different point of view and they all bring their own perceptions into becoming part of this team. It’s a metaphor for a lot of different messages in the movie. The idea that we can all be different, but we can all come together. Together we can become part of something bigger. It’s really special and I love all the characters.”

We couldn’t agree more! All the characters in the film will have you grabbing for more popcorn and pushing to the edge of your seat! Before you start your journey with Raya take a moment to meet "The Fellowship of Buttkickery."

Meet Raya

Raya is a proud Guardian of the Dragon Gem, a title she holds alongside her beloved father Benja, the Chief of the Heart Lands. Her world is turned upside down when the Gem is broken, and her father is turned to stone. Now on a mission to save the world, she’s grown up to be a resilient warrior whose wit is as sharp as her blade.

Meet Tuk Tuk

Part-pill bug, part-pug, part-high speed off-road vehicle and all adorable, Tuk Tuk has been Raya’s best friend since she could hold him in the palm of her hand. Now they are both grown, and Tuk Tuk is Raya’s faithful, gigantic steed. Together, they tear through the varied terrains of Kumandra at incredible speeds on a journey to find the last dragon and save the world.

Meet Boun

A precocious street kid from Tail always up for a business deal, Boun is an adult in a child’s body, capable and self-sufficient. He is the self-styled "owner, manager, chef and captain" of his boat, the Shrimporium. Deep down, he’s a vulnerable child who has lost his parents to the Druun.

Meet Noi and the The Ongis

After her family is lost to the Druun, 2-year-old toddler Noi is raised by the Ongis. In the trading port of Talon, she leads the group’s hustle, distracting passersby with her cuteness while the Ongis rob them blind. Part monkey, part catfish, the three Ongis are resourceful con artists from the trading port of Talon. They do everything together, including raising a 2-year-old toddler named Noi.

Meet Tong

Underneath his huge, gruff, and fierce exterior, Tong is really a lonely woodsman with a soft spot for little ones. Equal parts severity and softness, he is truly a gentle giant

Now that you have met Raya and her friends, get your family together and see all the action unfold on the big screen at your favorite AMC.

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