Reasons To See Avatar: The Way Of Water In 3D

December 15th, 2022Reasons To See Avatar: The Way Of Water In 3D


When James Cameron released the original AVATAR back in 2009, the story behind the movie was the cutting edge visual effects the director used to bring the alien world of Pandora to life, as well as Cameron’s commitment to 3D technology. The main message sent to fans was that AVATAR was a movie that needed to be experienced in 3D, and so many audience members seemed to agree with that sentiment. It was a phenomenon, and Cameron apparently hopes that lightning will be able to strike the same spot twice.

AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER brings audiences back to Pandora after a 13-year layover, reuniting with former Marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and his Na’vi lover, Neytiri (Zoe Saldana). This time out, they have a blended family to protect, and are forced to flee when their one-time antagonist Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang) returns and resumes his pursuit. And once again, Cameron’s use of 3D is a huge part of the reason why AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER requires a trip to AMC Theatres, to immerse yourself in Pandora and get lost on this adventure.

These are the four scenes, which include no spoilers, that will have you marveling at the visuals of AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER, and appreciating your decision to see this anticipated sequel on the big screen, in 3D.

The Arrival of the Sky People

If Jake and Neytiri were able to live in peace on the alien moon of Pandora, James Cameron would have no movie. We’d simply watch the parents providing for their young in harmony for 30 minutes, then leave the theatre with a smile. But a threat looms over AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER in the form of the “Sky People,” the military excavators who want to return to Pandora to retrieve… well, a few things that we will choose to keep protected, for now. And when the Sky People arrive, they’re piloting these massive and sleek ships that stand apart from anything we have seen in contemporary science-fiction. The ships practically blast through the screen as they near Pandora, with Cameron’s 3D helping us feel the ominous weight of their presence. They’re here to cause problems, no doubt about it.

Quaritch Test Drives His Avatar

As you have seen in the trailer, Stephen Lang’s character – who passed away in the first movie – finds a way to return. Without giving away specifics, he finds himself piloting the body of an avatar, something that he despised in the first movie but now finds himself bound to as part of his mission to take down Jake Sully. Of course, there has to be a montage of Quaritch getting used to his new “body,” and when he finally connects with the creatures of Pandora and successfully takes flight, the 3D used in the aerial sequences will give audiences an exhilarating thrill.

Kiri Connects With Eywa Under The Waves

Sigourney Weaver was a significant player in AVATAR, and finds a way to return in this sequel. It has been revealed that Weaver does the motion capture for a new, teenaged character named Kiri – who has connections to Weaver’s human character, Grace, but also lots of unanswered questions and mysteries regarding her origin. We will leave them for James Cameron to explore in this movie and his planned sequels. But one of the best 3D sequences in the movie AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER involves Kiri motivating Eywa, or the All-Mother, to help rescue her family members from a treacherous situation. Kiri has a special bond with this guiding light force, and it allows Cameron and his team to make tremendous use of the visual magic granted by 3D technology.

The Sully Family Trains With The Metkayina Clan

Once the Sky People arrive, Jake Sully, Neytiri and their children need to escape. They end up with a new tribe of Na’vi known as the Metkayina, who occupy the coast and live most of their lives in the water. Hence, the subtitle THE WAY OF WATER. But it will take a lot for the forest Na’vi to adapt to the way of life enjoyed by the Metkayina, and this allows James Cameron to perfect underwater photography that’s only enhanced by his use of 3D. There are huge sequences of AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER that make you feel as if you are under water with the characters, watching them interact with fantastical sea creatures, and training to survive. A 2D presentation of AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER will still look beautiful, but it likely will miss the visual addition that comes with the depth and life of 3D technology.

Riding the wave of critical praise, the sequel is now playing in multiple 3D formats at AMC Theatres.


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