The Best New Rom-Com Movies In Theaters

January 2nd, 2019The Best New Rom-Com Movies In Theaters

The rom-com has been revitalized; it’s more fun and touching than ever. The genre has flowered beautifully in recent years. 2018 had some of our favorite recent rom-coms: CRAZY RICH ASIANS, BOOK CLUB, and SECOND ACT.

The coming year of 2019 looks just as promising, with something for every audience. There are globe-trotting adventures, faith-based stories; and even a film that might turn the whole genre inside-out.

Here are the best rom-coms coming to theaters.

Under the Eiffel Tower

[Credit: The Orchard]

Things aren’t going well for Stuart (Matt Walsh, of VEEP). His relationship just ended, and so did his job. He’s adrift, so he tags along with his best friend Frank (David Wain) on a family vacation to Paris — and then he really spins out into a mid-life crisis by proposing to his friend’s 26-year old daughter under the Eiffel Tower.

Since this is a comedy, not a horror movie, things don’t go as far south as they might, and UNDER THE EIFFEL TOWER follows Stuart as he sets off across the French countryside with the more romantically-capable Liam (Reid Scott). The film is directed by Archie Borders (PLEASED TO MEET ME) and co-written by Borders and Judith Godrèche, who also plays Louise, a vineyard owner who might help Stuart turn his life around, if he doesn’t blow it. (February 8)

Isn’t It Romantic

[Credit: New Line / Warner Bros.]

Rebel Wilson (PITCH PERFECT) stars in ISN’T IT ROMANTIC as Natalie, an architect who can’t get ahead; she’s constantly seen as a gopher rather than a go-getter. Then things get worse. (A lot worse.) She’s left unconscious after a mugging… and wakes up to find her worst nightmare has come true: Somehow, she’s become the leading lady in a romantic comedy.

Directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson, whose last film was THE FINAL GIRLS, a bloody hilarious take on the slasher movie packed with clever twists. If ISN’T IT ROMANTIC is half as playful with the rom-com genre as THE FINAL GIRLS was with horror, we could be in for a great and surprising time. Liam Hemsworth, Adam Devine, and Priyanka Chopra co-star. (February 13)

Faith, Hope & Love

[Credit: ArtAffects Entertainment]

In FAITH, HOPE & LOVE, two vulnerable, lost souls become partners after they enter a dance contest. Each one is wary and guarded; they’ve both suffered loss and pain. But this heartwarming, romantic comedy shows how their unexpected connection gives them a new outlook on life, love and faith. (March 15)

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