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The Best New Rom-Com Movies In Theatres

November 23rd, 2023The Best New Rom-Com Movies In Theatres

The rom-com has always been a signature genre of a date night. The idea of sharing a glance, a laugh, and movie popcorn is the perfect recipe for a great memory and date night. Coming soon to the big screen are two rom-coms to look forward to.

Anyone But You

In the edgy comedy ANYONE BUT YOU, Bea and Ben have the looks of a perfect couple, but after an amazing first date something happens that turns their fiery hot attraction ice cold. Finding themselves unexpectedly thrust together at a destination wedding in Australia, the two must convince everyone at the wedding that they are actually a couple. How will two mature, maybe not so mature adults pull this off? Starring as Bea is Sydney Sweeney, who has risen to popularity from the series Euphoria. Sweeney can also be seen in the highly-anticipated Spider-Verse spin-off MADAME WEB. Stepping out of the cockpit from TOP GUN: MAVERICK and DEVOTION to star as Ben is Glen Powell. Watch the trailer and set a date during the holidays with your bae for a date night at AMC.

ANYONE BUT YOU opens December 22

Lisa Frankenstein

A coming of age story about a misunderstood teenager and her high school crush, who just happens to be a handsome corpse. After a set of playfully horrific circumstances bring him back to life, the two embark on a murderous journey to find love, happiness, and a few missing body parts along the way. LISA FRANKENSTEIN is directed by Zelda Williams and stars Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse. This teenage love story is from acclaimed writer Diablo Cody, who has brought audiences to tears with movies, JUNO, YOUNG ADULT and JENNIFER’S BODY.

LISA FRANKENSTEIN opens February 9

With so many great movies coming out in during the Holidays, make sure to check back with AMC Scene for updates on these, as well as other great date night movies, and great Artisan dramas set to release at AMC Theatres.

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