Top 5 MCU Films

May 16th, 2019Top 5 MCU Films

Most movie fans love to rank their favorite films. It’s an icebreaker that kicks off countless conversations. “What’s your favorite STAR WARS film?” “Who is your favorite James Bond?” “If you could only watch one TERMINATOR movie, which one would you choose and why?”

Now that Joe and Anthony Russo’s AVENGERS: ENDGAME has brought the 22-film arc of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a close, fans of the franchise can get to ranking their favorite titles. And that’s just what CinemaBlend asked its readers to do. Through an online survey, the website asked Marvel fans to rank all of the MCU movies from one to 22, leading to a consensus top five selections. According to Marvel fans on CinemaBlend, the top five MCU movies to date are:

1. Avengers: Endgame

The conclusion to the 22-film saga explains to fans how the surviving members of the Avengers reverse the snap by Thanos and restore order to the MCU. It’s a fantastic conclusion to the story that started in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR and a loving tribute to all of the Marvel movies that came before it.

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America

The first MCU movie directed by Joe and Anthony Russo and arguably the best of the solo-character sequels. THE WINTER SOLDIER brought Bucky (Sebastian Stan) back into the fold, introduced Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and revealed that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been infiltrated by HYDRA, a game changer in the MCU.

3. Avengers: Infinity War

4. Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

5. Thor: Ragnarok

Naturally, the one-two punch that was the Avengers facing off against Thanos (Josh Brolin) resonated greatly with fans, making ENDGAME and INFINITY WAR instant top three picks. Will those choices stand the test of time, or are they benefitting from the passion that’s flowing in a post-ENDGAME world?

The titles that stand out, to us, are the ones that didn’t make the cut when you’d assume that they’d have a shot. Ryan Coogler’s BLACK PANTHER was incredibly successful and even earned a Best Picture nomination at the Oscars®, but didn’t get enough votes in the CinemaBlend survey to crack the top five. The recent CAPTAIN MARVEL crossed the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office, but also didn’t rank high in the survey. The same holds true for all of the IRON MAN movies and Joss Whedon’s initial THE AVENGERS, which set the blueprint for subsequent ensemble team-up movies to follow.

What would your personal top five MCU movies be? It’s a fun exercise and one that probably changes as you revisit certain features. Our current order would be:






There’s no wrong answer, though, when ranking the films of the MCU. AVENGERS: ENDGAME is currently in theatres, where it’s breaking basically every box office record in the book. Head to your local AMC and see it, while it’s still on the biggest screens possible.

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