TOP GUN: Jerry Bruckheimer Interview

May 14th, 2021TOP GUN: Jerry Bruckheimer Interview

Tony Scott’s action masterpiece: TOP GUN is blasting to Dolby Cinema for a one-week engagement! We were able to sit down with legendary producer Jerry Bruckheimer to talk about why it’s a must see on the big screen!

AMC: What was Director Tony Scott’s reaction to the new restoration of Top Gun?

Jerry Bruckheimer: If my memory is correct, Tony worked on some of the restoration before we lost him. Joseph Kosinski came in and finished it off, we did have some of Tony’s expertise on this.

AMC: A lot has changed for cinema since Top Gun was released, from small chairs to new rumbling recliners. What scene will fans be most excited to see in Dolby back on the big screen?

Jerry Bruckheimer: To see this movie in a theatre is really a treat because you have Dolby Cinema, and everyone used TOP GUN to show off their home entertainment. Can you imagine now with Dolby and the big screen and the ways you can watch a movie now. I can’t wait for fans to see this at AMC.

AMC: With the clarity of Dolby, what easter eggs should old and new fans be on the lookout for?

Jerry Bruckheimer: You know, I don’t go back and watch my own movies because there is something that I’ll want to fix and I can’t, it’s gone. But with TOP GUN, I can watch it over and over again because there is very little to fix.

AMC: How did the new restoration and the new film come about?

Jerry Bruckheimer: We’ve been trying to make this picture for 35 years. It took us forever to get it right. Tom said if we’re going to make another picture it’d better be perfect. We better have a good screen play, Joseph Kosinski came up with one of the ideas. We pitched it to Tom, and he loved it, so we started working on the screen play.

AMC: What is it about Tom Cruise that allows him to remain the super star he is? Was he ready to climb back into the cockpit for Top Gun Maverick?

Jerry Bruckheimer: He wasn’t ready for a long time, he wanted to make sure that we had a terrific screenplay, a great story and a great arc for his character. Maverick is an iconic character for his career, and he wanted to make sure we got it right. Finally, we got to a place where he loved it. He was a big part of telling the story along with Chris Lebenzon and Joseph Kosinski and some of the other writers that we work with. It was a labor of love and we loved doing it. Tom said ‘we’ve got to get this thing perfect’ if he was going to do it. The script really must be something special and luckily Paramount gave the go-ahead. After all these years, we have to give them a lot of the credit on this. It’s a terrific movie, the new one, TOP GUN: MAVERICK is something really special. When you look at Top Gun even 30 years ago it holds up wonderfully!

Whether you’re reliving TOP GUN memories or watching Tomcat get into the cockpit for the first time this movie is a must see on the big screen and there is no better way to see than in Dolby Cinema

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