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Which DC Villain Could Jonah Hill Play in The Batman?

October 3rd, 2019Which DC Villain Could Jonah Hill Play in The Batman?

We already know that Robert Pattinson has been tapped to play the Caped Crusader in Matt Reeves’ planned reboot story, tentatively titled THE BATMAN. But who is he going to fight?

There have been prevalent rumors that Reeves and company might want to stock Batman’s pantry with an assortment of villains, instead of watching the Dark Knight face off with only one nemesis. That sounds exciting, but we’ve very curious about the casting, especially now that names are surfacing.

It was reported recently that Jonah Hill is being considered for a villainous role in THE BATMAN. There were conflicting reports at the time, however, on which role Hill might play — primarily because it was still being negotiated.

Immediate speculation jumped to the Penguin, an underground crime boss in Gotham City who has been played on screen once before by Danny DeVito in Tim Burton’s memorable BATMAN RETURNS. DeVito so masterfully owned the role that it has been tough for other actors to waddle in his footsteps, but if Jonah Hill has an interpretation, it might fit beautifully into Matt Reeves’ vision.

The other villain allegedly in contention for Hill to play is the Riddler, and while both are signature Batman villains, the parts are wildly different. The Riddler usually comes with a manic energy that’s triggered by the villain’s ability to confuse Batman with his puzzles. We have no doubt that Hill could find a way to play the character.

Reports of Reeves looking at Hill also contained the possibility that Hill could play a different, unnamed villain from the Batman canon, which had fans on social media speculating characters like Hugo Strange, Calendar Man or Scarecrow as options for the SUPERBAD star.

Either way, it’s looking like Jonah Hill will join Robert Pattinson and Jeffrey Wright (who recently was circulating the role of Commissioner Jim Gordon) in Matt Reeves’ update of THE BATMAN. We’re curious what the tone of this movie will be. Batman stories tend to be either campy (like the Burton and Schumacher films) or dark and serious (like the Nolan and Snyder films). Until we learn more regarding Reeves’ approach, it will be hard to tell whether his casting fits or not.

We will continue to bring more news regarding THE BATMAN casting and production as we get closer to the movie’s June 25, 2021, release date.

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