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Flash Is The Hero The DCEU Needs

November 15th, 2017Flash Is The Hero The DCEU Needs

The DCEU's Justice League will have an alien, an Amazonian, a cyborg, the world's greatest detective and the king of the Seven Seas — but the movie's success may hinge on how audiences respond to its speedster.

Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) has the potential to help the franchise (finally) win over critics and make Avengers money. Here's why:

The CW Proved That A Modern Audience Will Love This Character

The Flash is currently dominating the small screen (and Season 3 returns on January 24). Miller's performance as Barry Allen will be different than Grant Gustin's, but — with the mega-budget that will surely accompany Justice League — we will finally have a chance to see what the Speed Force truly is. Hey, I love the episode where Barry was trapped in it, but just making Vancouver brighter doesn't count as a great depiction of this mystical entity's power.

This is what completely separates the Flash from Quicksilver in the X-Men and MCU films: Barry doesn't just go fast; he's connected to something far different from reality. It's convinced millions of viewers to tune in every week, and it'll bring millions more to theaters in November. This film could be a great opportunity to present the audience with a previously unseen power level from Barry, proving how vital he'll be to the DCEU.

He Is DC's Most Optimistic Hero, Which The DCEU Needs


Now, Captain America can give one hell of a speech, but Barry Allen just might be the most hopeful superhero in any universe. Lately, his CW series has been a bit somber, but it started out as one of the most gleeful shows on television.

This will be a key aspect to Justice League's success. No matter the obstacle, no matter the odds, Barry's attitude will always remain that "at least there's water in the glass." Even when things look bleak, Barry will be the one saying "we can do it," giving hope to all. With all of the angst that permeates the DCEU, Barry Allen could be the Justice League's Harley Quinn!

He Can Do Something So Epic That Fans Will Talk About It For Years

Flash Movie Still

In the comics, we saw Barry sacrifice a time-remnant of himself to save every Earth in existence. He's rebooted the entire universe. As cool as Aquaman and Cyborg may be, the Flash could save an entire continent from Darkseid's attacking Parademons.

Whatever the plot of Justice League, expect Zack Snyder to have a truly awe-inspiring scene with the Scarlet Speedster!

The Flash is, quite simply, one of the greatest characters to ever come out of any comic. (That's including Jay Garrick, Wally West and Bart Allen, who all have carried the mantle at one point.) Snyder will have a difficult job in trying to translate his greatness to the big screen. But as long as Barry Allen is treated with the respect he deserves, then he should be one of the standout characters in any movie of 2017.

Justice League opens November 17, 2017.

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