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You Will Feel The Need To See Top Gun: Maverick

May 12th, 2022You Will Feel The Need To See Top Gun: Maverick

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It has been 36 long years since we last saw ace fighter pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) reinventing the Navy’s top flight program in the 1986 blockbuster TOP GUN. Sequels rarely occur that long after a movie has played to its audience, and Cruise stays plenty busy in the ongoing MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE series, as well as the occasional drama here and there. But director Joseph Kosinski (TRON: LEGACY) and co-writers Christopher McQuarrie, Peter Craig and Justin Marks found a story worth telling in the TOP GUN universe, one that pushed Maverick to rediscover his need for speed in a whole new way. Here’s our spoiler-free reaction to TOP GUN: MAVERICK, opening in theaters on May 27.

Top Gun: Maverick Demands The Big Screen

Tom Cruise may be the star of TOP GUN: MAVERICK, but you will leave the theater raving about the aerial training and combat sequences captured by Joseph Koskinski and his cast. Multiple cameras were mounted inside of the cockpits that carried the cast on their flights, helping to make TOP GUN: MAVERICK feel like you are being placed in an F18 alongside Cruise, Miles Teller, Glen Powell, Monica Barbaro and more. We have known for years that Cruise is heavily committed to delivering entertainment that is worthy of the big screen. And TOP GUN: MAVERICK is primed to blow audiences away, especially if they choose to upgrade to IMAX or Dolby Atmos. It’ll be a whole new experience.

Top Gun: Maverick Isn’t Just A Nostalgia Play

Several studios have tried to capitalize on classic franchises coming back to the big screen to entertain new generations. We caught up with the original Ghostbusters in GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss recently traveled back into THE MATRIX for a fourth chapter. But beyond being a blast of nostalgia, and a reason to crank up Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” on your car stereo, TOP GUN: MAVERICK actually has a worthy story to tell. Plot elements from the first movie, specifically the death of Maverick’s wingman Goose, bubble up in this sequel and need to be resolved. Maverick also has to figure out if he has what it takes to train a cadre of young hotshots to complete an impossible mission… and make it back home alive. Even if you’ve never seen the original TOP GUN, this one will have you on the edge of your flight deck.

Tom Cruise Consistently Delivers

There are movie stars, and then there are Movie Stars. Tom Cruise belongs in the latter category. He’s usually painting with big, broad strokes and pushing the envelope of both camera technologies and choreographed stunt work so that you, the audience, appreciate the time spent in a theater. TOP GUN: MAVERICK is a definite crowdpleaser, with moments that will have you cheering, hiding your eyes, and wiping tears away from them during the surprisingly emotional beats. It is the sequel that TOP GUN fans have been waiting for since 1986. The wait lasts just a little while longer.

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