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Your Guide To The Equalizer 3

May 11th, 2023Your Guide To The Equalizer 3

THE EQUALIZER 3 opens September 1st

Decades into his stellar career, two-time Academy Award® winner Denzel Washington would prove that he, very much, still had what it takes to be an action hero as the star of THE EQUALIZER. The 2014 adaptation of a hit, Emmy-nominated ‘80s TV show of the same name – which followed a retired spy using his special skills to help those in need as a private investigator – would spawn a sequel in 2018 that saw the mysterious Robert McCall continuing his war against injustice. He is coming back in 2023 for one last fight in THE EQUALIZER 3.

Currently set to be released in AMC Theatres this September, the final installment to director Antoine Fuqua’s trilogy promises to be, as one would hope, the biggest and most exciting entry of all. Not only does the story take Washington’s protagonist to an international setting, but it also marks a reunion between him and his MAN ON FIRE co-star, Dakota Fanning. Learn all about that and what other reasons fans have to look forward to THE EQUALIZER 3 in our guide below.

Denzel Washington Returns

The character of Robert McCall was initially portrayed on the original “Equalizer” TV show by Edward Woodward and later reimagined as “Robyn McCall” on CBS’ modern reboot led by Academy Award nominee Queen Latifah. However, it is hard to imagine anyone else playing the old fashioned vigilante than Denzel Washington. Thankfully, the celebrated actor is reprising the role in the upcoming sequel.

Joining Washington in the EQUALIZER 3 cast, as Variety previously reported, are David Denman – who is best known for playing Roy on NBC’s American version of “The Office” – Sonia Ben Ammar from 2022’s SCREAM, and Italian acting veteran Reno Girone, who played Enzo Ferrari in director James Mangold’s Oscar®-winning biographical drama, FORD V FERRARI, in 2019. As previously mentioned, Washington is also reuniting with his MAN ON FIRE co-star, Dakota Fanning, in this film for the first time since that Tony Scott-helmed thriller was released in 2004.

Robert McCall Is Brought Back Into Action

The first movie saw McCall living in Boston, struggling to put his violent past as a special service commando behind him until his saving of a teen sex worker (Chloë Grace Moretz) put him at odds with Russian mobsters. In THE EQUALIZER 2, he continued his crusade to help those in need while still living in Boston as a rideshare driver. In this new chapter, McCall finds a new place to call home: Southern Italy.

The story of THE EQUALIZER 3 sees McCall believe he has finally found the solace he has been looking for in his new overseas residence. However, he soon finds that old habits die hard when he discovers that the locals who have brought him happiness have fallen prey to Italy’s criminal underworld. The hero comes out of retirement once more to protect his new friends by dishing out his old school brand of merciless justice.

Antoine Fuqua Directs

Robert McCall’s story was first brought to the big screen in THE EQUALIZER by director Antoine Fuqua, who would also return to helm the sequel four years later. The accomplished filmmaker is returning to complete the trilogy with THE EQUALIZER 3, on which he also serves as a producer alongside the movie’s star.

In fact, the sequel also marks Denzel Washington’ fifth time working with Fuqua, who directed the actor in an Oscar-winning performance (his second after 1989’s GLORY) for Best Actor in their first collaboration, TRAINING DAY, in 2001. They would first reunite on the first EQUALIZER movie, re-team on another remake – 2016’s THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, which also starred TRAINING DAY’s Ethan Hawke – and then, two years later, continued Robert McCall’s legacy with THE EQUALIZER 2. That brings us where we are today.

Watch The Trailer

Fans who have been eagerly awaiting Robert McCall’s return in the five years since the franchise’s last entry will certainly not be disappointed by the first official trailer for THE EQUALIZER 3. Not only does it show Washington’s hero at his most fearsome yet, but also shows his softer side and promises that this installment may be the most picturesque from its gorgeous depiction of Southern Italy. See for yourself by watching the teaser below:

It was certainly an inspired choice to play upbeat Italian pop songs like “Volare” for a dazzling juxtaposition to McCall’s brutal treatment of his new enemies, who certainly appear ruthless, but are no match for their unexpected threat. The trailer also provides a sneak peek at Washington’s reunion with Fanning, but without much further insight into what her role will be or how she is connected to McCall.

It looks like, in addition to Fanning’s character, there are plenty more interesting details to be revealed in THE EQUALIZER 3. Be sure to check it out when it arrives at an AMC Theatres location near you!

THE EQUALIZER 3 opens September 1st

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