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A Guide to Bad Boys for Life

December 31st, 2019A Guide to Bad Boys for Life

In Hollywood, sequels are always possible. Linda Hamilton can come back for TERMINATOR: DARK FATE. Tom Cruise can climb back into the cockpit of a fighter jet for TOP GUN: MAVERICK. And the Bad Boys themselves, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, can reteam for BAD BOYS FOR LIFE.

Nearly 25 years after they first introduced the characters of Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, Smith and Lawrence are back on the beat for the upcoming action-thriller BAD BOYS FOR LIFE. But their two-time collaborator, Michael Bay, will not be joining them for the explosive play this time around, after helming both 1995’s BAD BOYS and its bombastic 2003 sequel, BAD BOYS II.

That means it's been 16 years since we last rode together with these guys. What do you have to remember? And what do we already know about BAD BOYS FOR LIFE? Let’s go over all of the important details as we prepare for the sequel’s release.

Bad Boys for Life’s Release Date

The BAD BOYS crew is looking to kick off 2020 on an explosive note. You will be able to ring in the new year with family and friends, and then head to the theatres to catch up with BAD BOYS FOR LIFE on January 17, 2020. Right now, that means it will compete against Universal’s DOLITTLE, with Robert Downey Jr. as the main character who can speak to animals. That’s some serious star power hitting theatres that weekend!

Is There a Bad Boys for Life Trailer?

Two of them, actually, and you can watch the latest above. This new trailer gives audiences an idea of what to expect from the sequel. Marcus (Martin Lawrence) and Mike (Will Smith) have always been an odd couple. But now that the former wants to retire, the latter finds himself running with much younger cops, and getting himself into real danger. Can Mike’s life-long partner bail him out, one last time?

Who Is Coming Back for Bad Boys for Life?

It wouldn’t be BAD BOYS without Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The two leads play comedic opposites, with Smith’s Mike Lowrey being the playboy rich kid and Lawrence’s Marcus Burnett being the cautious family man. We’re eager to see how that dynamic evolves for BAD BOYS FOR LIFE.

There are two more original cast members coming back for BAD BOYS FOR LIFE. Joe Pantoliano (THE MATRIX) once again will be playing the disgruntled police chief who must keep Mike and Marcus on a leash. And Theresa Randle will play Marcus’ wife, Theresa, on screen one more time.

Who Is Replacing Michael Bay?

It will be different seeing a BAD BOYS movie without Michael Bay at the helm. But directing BAD BOYS FOR LIFE will be a relatively new filmmaking duo, Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. The Belgian directors won the gig back in 2018 and appear to have tapped into Bay’s visual style, as evidenced by the trailers, that are drenched in Miami neon, and bustling with high-priced action set pieces.

What Will Bad Boys for Life be Rated?

The MPAA has not yet weighed in on BAD BOYS FOR LIFE, with the last trailer stating that the movie has not yet been rated. We’re willing to guess that the new movie will be rated R, like its two predecessors, especially since there are two F bombs in the trailer, eliminating that crowd-friendly PG-13 rating.

Are There New Cast Members?

Several! Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are going to have to try and stop someone from committing a crime in BAD BOYS FOR LIFE, though the new trailer doesn't really single out who and what the threat will be. We do know, however, that the sequel has cast Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton, Kate del Castillo and DJ Khaled. Yes, that DJ Khaled. The bulk of them will play the new, gun-toting cops who Mike Lowrey tries to keep up with, so good luck to him.

We’ll have a lot more information about BAD BOYS FOR LIFE as the film gets closer to release — come back to the AMC Scene for more news!

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