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John David Washington on Becoming Nolan’s Latest Leading Man

September 2nd, 2020John David Washington on Becoming Nolan’s Latest Leading Man

From starring alongside Dwayne Johnson in the comedy series “Ballers” to his acclaimed performance in Spike Lee’s BLACKKKKLANSMAN, John David Washington has quickly become one of the most exciting actors working today. Now Washington is set to do something many actors dream of – leading a Christopher Nolan blockbuster with his role of The Protagonist in TENET, which is now playing at AMC.

One of the only things bigger than a Christopher Nolan movie is the success of the leading actors in his films. Looking across Nolan’s filmography, John David Washington has joined the ranks of Al Pacino (INSOMNIA), Christian Bale (THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY) Leonardo DiCaprio (INCEPTION), and Matthew McConaughey (INTERSTELLAR). All of whom are Academy Award® winning actors and among the biggest names in Hollywood.

When asked about following the footsteps of these prolific actors and becoming Nolan’s next leading man, Washington shared with us in an exclusive interview, “It was a dream come true – I never thought I would be called to work for Christopher Nolan and I definitely didn’t think in my wildest dreams that he would want me in the position that he wanted me for this film, so I felt a great honor.”

With this opportunity, Washington also explained to us the responsibility and pressure he put on himself when preparing for and shooting the film:

“I approached it as if every day was a blessing. I was ready to give my body, my spirit, my soul whatever it took to get this thing right and tell the best story I could for his movie.”

While Christopher Nolan is known for his ambitious storytelling and unique vision, Washington appreciated Nolan’s collaboration in developing his character, The Protagonist. “I obviously love the man, but I love what he wrote and I love the world that he created and this character, but he really left it to us to create him – it felt like a collaborative effort,” Washington explained. “Nolan welcomed all and any ideas. He has quite a pace to his filmmaking day-to-day, but it felt like we were the only people on set sometimes. He controlled the environment and the environment was always one of creativity and discovery.”

The wait is over. Moviegoers can finally see Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated TENET starring John David Washington, now playing at AMC. Get your tickets today.

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