Revengers Assemble in Thor Trailer

September 8th, 2017Revengers Assemble in Thor Trailer

Grab your mythical hammer and prepare for a Hulk smash, because in a flash of lightning, it will soon be time for Thor: Ragnarok. The MCU threequel will once again see Chris Hemsworth flex those bulging biceps and head out into the cosmos for his most daring adventure yet.

Thor and Hulk may have been absent from that mini Avengers team-up in Captain America: Civil War, but it hasn't stopped the duo having a little fun on their own. The various promos and trailers have pointed out that Thor will have his own superpowered team of gamma giants and demigods for Ragnarok, so where is the cool team name?

Revengers Assemble

Airing as part of the NFL kickoff, the latest Thor Ragnarok trailer tells us it is time to meet the Revengers — a not so subtle riff off Tony Stark and the Avengers. Doing his very own Stark recruitment drive, Thor asks Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie to join his ragtag band of badass heroes. When quizzed on the name of his team, Thor stumbles slightly:

Yeah, it’s called the Re… Revengers...Well, I mean, we don’t have to have a name. We could have no name.

Just as Civil War was undoubtedly Cap's film with a few familiar faces, Ragnarok will be calling on friends and enemies from all sides to bulk up the cast. We already know that Cate Blanchett will be playing the horned Hela, Karl Urban is the slippery Skurge, Anthony Hopkins is back as Odin, and even Benedict Cumberbatch gets to swish swish bish his cape for a cameo as Doctor Strange.

It looks like the world of the Norse gods is learning from the macabre tone of Thor: The Dark World and has decided to lighten up a bit for the concluding chapter of the trilogy. With more of a Guardians of the Galaxy feel to it, director Taika Waititi even has a rocking soundtrack and some flashy neon to go with it. Mark Ruffalo finally gets to speak in his Incredible Hulk form, and looks to be an integral part of the storyline — well, when wrestling giant wolves is part of the plot. Thor and Hulk may be butting heads in the Grandmaster's arena, but fans of the MCU are promised a buddy comedy for the ages.

That being said, with death and destruction clearly coming to Asgard, don't expect it to all be guffaws and Goldblum when Ragnarok hits cinemas. Thankfully, the Revengers will be on standby to lend a hand, and Loki and Valkyrie look to be just as important as the budding bromance to Team Thor. That being said, with Thor: Ragnarok currently ranking as the most anticipated film of the season (according to Fandango), it doesn't look like the God of Thunder will need any help to drive up ticket sales. At least we know he will be in good company!

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