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Samuel L. Jackson on the Avengers’ Future

July 12th, 2019Samuel L. Jackson on the Avengers’ Future

How can Marvel Studios follow up AVENGERS: ENDGAME? Should they even try?

The blockbuster superhero ensemble put every living Marvel character on screen together for a jaw-dropping battle against Thanos (Josh Brolin), delivering spectacle the likes of which we have never seen before. Should the concept of AVENGERS movies be retired for the time being? Should Marvel Studios explore team-up movies like SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME instead?

This question was posed to Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury in the MCU movies, by CinemaBlend during a recent press day for the SPIDER-MAN sequel. But he didn’t agree with the idea that Avengers-type stories should be put on hold for now.

“No, I don’t think that,” Jackson said. “I always think there’s room for every kind of story to be told. And at some point, they’re going to have to put together another Avengers group of some sort to deal with whatever is coming next. Nick (Fury) knows something is coming, the same way he found out in CAPTAIN MARVEL, ‘OK, there are other things out there that need to be dealt with that I didn’t know about.’ This (movie) is moving us to another place.”

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has years and years of Marvel Comics to pull from, with countless stories that could be adapted to the big screen. And with each new movie, the MCU adds new elements that could potentially set up threats and dangers to explore.

Also, the MCU seems to be developing both a cosmic side (with CAPTAIN MARVEL and the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY films) and an earthbound side (with BLACK WIDOW and SPIDER-MAN), so there are many different ways that big-time stories can, and should, go. That doesn’t even include the new Fox characters that Marvel now has the rights to, from the X-Men to the Fantastic Four.

But it’s beyond that. When elaborating on this point to CinemaBlend, Samuel L. Jackson continued with his explanation of the multiverse.

“We don’t really know what time or space we’re in,” Jackson said. “At least, I don’t. I know that five years passed somewhere. And we don’t know — OK, did we jump forward? Did we jump backward? What happened? Where are we here? So, it’s kind of hard to say. But we do know that there is going to be something else. And we open up the concept of a multiverse, so c’mon!”

He’s right about one thing. There’s always “something else” that’s looming, threatening our beloved heroes in the MCU and making waves for innocent citizens, forcing our heroes into action.

What will the next thing be? We hope to find out when Marvel Studios presents at San Diego Comic-Con, so stay tuned for the exciting announcements that are sure to come out of that panel.

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