Director Messes With Thor On Set

November 1st, 2017Director Messes With Thor On Set

Fans in the U.S. still have about a week until the release of Thor: Ragnarok, but according to reviewers and overseas fans, we are in for a treat. Director Taika Waititi has injected new life and humor into the God of Thunder's journey, both on-screen and off.

According to a New York Times feature on Taika Waititi, the New Zealand director enjoyed poking fun at the film's star, Chris Hemsworth. For example, Waititi would pretend that his set mic wasn't on while dissing Hemsworth, which could be heard by everyone:

Ah, we should’ve got the other Chris. Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, anything but Hemsworth.

The director would then go on to continue the gag by "realizing" that his mic was on and then apologizing. The joke may seem cruel, but it was all in good fun to keep the set light and amusing. (Maybe it's time for another listen to Chris Pine's song about differentiating between the various Chris actors.)

The cast and crew have raved about the fun they had while filming and most of that is due to Waititi's vibrant personality. As a director, Waititi was enthusiastic about bringing the cast together as a family. There was a lot of singing and dancing on set, even a ceremonial ritual from a local tribe to kick off the beginning of the shoot.

There is no word on whether Hemsworth got revenge for the prank, but we wouldn't be surprised if he reunites with the director in the future. If anything, Waititi helped Hemsworth find himself through the character of Thor, a role that he revealed he was becoming bored with. Improvising and giving the actor an opportunity to explore ultimately reinvented the beloved superhero, and we have Waititi to thank for it.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3, 2017!

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