Thor's Best Line Made Up By A Kid

August 14th, 2017Thor's Best Line Made Up By A Kid

Sometimes, even before a movie is released, you can tell which lines are soon to become iconic, those lines that define a movie's spirit while being snappy and funny and oh-so-quotable. For Thor: Ragnarok, that line was revealed in the very first trailer, as Thor goes head to head with Hulk. Whooping gleefully, Thor explains to the Grandmaster that the not-so-jolly green giant is "a friend from work." Exemplifying Thor's optimistic nature, it's a hilarious moment — broken quickly by Hulk charging in to fight his work buddy. And best of all, this line was improvised by a young visitor to the set.

Many Hollywood movies take part in the Make-A-Wish Foundation's initiatives, allowing ailing children to visit movie sets and meet their idols. As Chris Hemsworth revealed to Entertainment Weekly, their young visitor had a stroke of genius while the team was filming Thor's entrance into the Grandmaster's arena:

We had a young kid, a Make-A-Wish kid on set that day. He goes, ‘You know, you should say, 'He’s a friend from work!'

Hemsworth bounced back to the set and inserted the line, which was an immediate hit with cast and crew. Brilliant in its understatement of the Avengers as "work," the line seems to be ripped straight from the Taika Waititi-directed parody Team Thor, which depicted the god of thunder slumming it Down Under between movies. The "friend from work line" has become so popular that it's already featured on off-brand Ragnarok T-shirts which debuted at SDCC and LFCC this month, and many fans have worked the line into fan-art of the movie.

In a film that is "95% improv" — according to Waititi — it's touching to know that what may be the funniest line was actually added to the script by a Make-A-Wish kid. And he'll have the satisfaction of knowing he came up with one of Marvel's most quotable lines.

In other heartwarming news, Mark Ruffalo reported in the same interview with EW that the reason Hulk hasn't returned to his Bruce Banner form is because he is a "beloved" champion of Sakaar. While on Earth he is feared or, at best, treated with a grudging respect, Hulk is a something of a folk hero in the Grandmaster's arena, defeating all his opponents. After years of being the rage-fueled wild card of the Avengers, it's nice to know that Ragnarok will finally give Hulk a much-needed ego boost.

All in all, the more we find out about the movie, the more awesome it sounds. Is it November yet?

Thor: Ragnarok in theaters November 3.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)

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