Your Guide to Christopher Nolan’s Tenet

September 3rd, 2020Your Guide to Christopher Nolan’s Tenet

For the past 20 years, Christopher Nolan has proven to be a distinct filmmaker with projects that simply cannot be missed once they hit the big screen. Three years after the release of his Oscar®-winning World War II drama, DUNKIRK, the writer/director will debut TENET. The movie looks to be twisty and action-packed — the type of film Nolan has gained worldwide acclaim for. Get ready for the filmmaker to cleverly intertwine international espionage with time manipulation.

As Nolan fans know, the writer/director likes when his audiences go in blind. There’s not a wealth of information about TENET, but it’s time to share the little knowledge we do have so far.

Watch the TENET Trailer

While that exclusive TENET footage may have come and gone, the first trailer for the movie gives an exciting glimpse of what’s to come... and more head-scratching questions that have us theorizing and over-analyzing every frame to try and figure out just what TENET is about.

There’s a lot to unpack here. The trailer for TENET teases an intense and thrilling ride that has John David Washington’s mysterious character passing some kind of test that most people don’t seem to get to the other side of. It’s explained to him that he’s joined a covert operation that is attempting to prevent World War III. And whatever the threat is, it’s worse than nuclear holocaust. The title is discussed, too, as a word that can open the right and wrong doors for the protagonist.

TENET’s trailer ends on two sequences that seem to suggest time manipulation will be important to the plot: first in a car chase in which one car flips in reverse and in the final moments when Washington looks at bullet holes and says, “It hasn’t happened yet,” before being jumped by a mysterious figure. The two-minute trailer ends on the tagline “Time Runs Out.”

Tenet Director

Christopher Nolan first got audiences talking with 2000’s MEMENTO. The story about a man who uses his extensive tattoos to cope with his short-term memory loss has a jaw-dropping ending that has etched itself in many of our brains to this day. Since his breakout hit, the filmmaker has made eight other feature films. His second was the underrated INSOMNIA in 2002, which follows Robin Williams and Al Pacino as Los Angeles detectives who are working to investigate a murder in a town where the sun never sets. Of course, Nolan became a mainstream talent when he took on the DARK KNIGHT trilogy starring Christian Bale, followed-up by 2010’s twisty INCEPTION.

Since the beloved Batman series concluded in 2012, the writer/director has taken on a couple different projects that have diversified his resume. INTERSTELLAR was an emotional journey to space that touched on the far-reaching relationship between a father and daughter. DUNKIRK was his most recent film, which scored three Oscars® and was nominated for Best Picture. The filmmaker’s works have often circled through awards season conversations and have found massive audiences.

Tenet Cast

TENET has an incredible cast to look forward to seeing on the big screen. According to Christopher Nolan, John David Washington’s character is “very much the hero.” The actor recently starred in Spike Lee’s BLACKKKLANSMAN with Adam Driver (above) and THE OLD MAN & THE GUN with the legendary Robert Redford. His partner in the upcoming movie is played by Robert Pattinson, who is currently gearing up to play Batman himself in Matt Reeves’ big screen version. Pattinson became a household name thanks to the TWILIGHT franchise, and has given impressive performances in the Safdie brothers’ GOOD TIME and Robert Eggers’ THE LIGHTHOUSE.

The supporting cast of TENET includes Elizabeth Debicki of Steve McQueen’s WIDOWS, YESTERDAY breakout star Himesh Patel and famed Indian actress Dimple Kapadia. Aaron Taylor-Johnson of the KICK-ASS movies and AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON is also in the movie, along with HARRY POTTER’s Fleur Delacour, Clémence Poésy.

Christopher Nolan likes to enlist actors he’s worked with before, and in TENET Kenneth Branagh of DUNKIRK and frequent collaborator Michael Caine will also have roles.

TENET, starring John David Washington and Robert Pattinson is now playing at AMC, so get your tickets today.

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